Cee’s flower of the day

from the chicago botanic garden….



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stormy skies…

stormy skies over mallard lake


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the boys in the city…

crown fountain in millennium park, chicago




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chicago missed it

yesterday, solar eclipse would have been hit peak view over downtown chicago at 1:18 p.m. central time. but clouds and showers spoiled the sighting of this awesome and rare astronomical phenomenon. people with special glasses on lined the sidewalks, in between tall buildings and along lake shore drive, hoping the clouds to break through. but it was not meant to be.  chicago missed it big time, sadly.

it was quite a disappointment but the windy city will have the change to see another one on april 8, 2024, seven years away.

meanwhile, here’s a dreamy moon taken from our driveway…



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Cee’s flower of the day

from mallard lake…


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Cee’s flower of the day

from a friend’s garden…

14 august 2017 – zinnia


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unwanted guests

urban geese are very discriminating when it comes to where they take residence.   golf courses and surrounding luxury home communities are their prime habitat much to the consternation of golf course owners and home residents.  they are the most unwelcomed neighbors and the most unwanted guests in the golf course. not only that they can wreak havoc on these pristine locations, they can be a golfer’s nightmare as well.  they can be noisy. they trample greens and fairways, depositing droppings everywhere.

during a 9H round with the hubby, he wasn’t too pleased when i asked him to stop the cart so i could take a few photographs. because even with the unsavory reputation of these birds, i do find them graceful and photogenic.  don’t you agree?

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