late summer at mallard

J and I spend a lot of lazy afternoons here at mallard lake – our favorite haven a mile away from home.  it is a convenient dash away from the hubbub of suburbia madness.  it boasts fishing docks, walk path contouring the lake, picnic area, a quaint bridge, benches, and a nice view of the horizon.  it is here where i capture some sunsets that are most magical. 

we’re usually here after work and linger into the evening to unwind and commune with nature.  sometimes we walk leisurely occasionally stopping to enjoy something that grab our fancy.  or, laze in one of the benches just to feel the languid breeze of the afternoon.  other times we just sit in the car and soak in the tranquility of the place. 

it is charming and picturesque. 

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One Response to late summer at mallard

  1. bebs1 says:

    You’ve taken a lot of beautiful pictures of Mallard Lake through the years. You are very lucky to have a place like that to relax, unwind and be with nature. The best things in life are free one just needs to open their eyes.

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