reality check

several years ago, our dear friend and family internist decided to forego his private medical practice to join the international medical corps.  he was young and bright and was at the peak of his career.  despite a very successful practice and the relationships built with his patients over time, he had to give them all up to follow his heart – to serve those who cannot give back – a very noble deed on his part. 

well, this entry is not really about a former internist.  we now have a new one and i’m glad to have found someone we’re comfortable with and more importantly we can trust.  

i just had my annual visit, a hands-on physical exam along with standard screening tests.  it’s a reality check and my doctor’s recommendation is a slight change in lifestyle.  of late, i’ve been munching on healthy stuff.  i’m quite good at the start but in no time, I fall back into the sugar loaded coffee cakes for breakfast.  i hope this time the healthy eating habit lasts. 

my treat this morning…yum!

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3 Responses to reality check

  1. bebs1 says:

    Green apple for breakfast? That will surely send me to the bathroom. What happened to the oatmeal?

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