nice treat

we were at luong loi, a vietnamse resto in wheaton last night.  a mutual friend took two of us here for a dinner meeting last week.  we liked it a lot.  so we’re back along with two other friends who couldn’t resist the well marinated grilled pork chops over rice.

last night was one of several post birthday treats i’ve been indulged.  and while my birthday this year is long past, i’m savoring the love and thoughtfulness of the people i’m blessed with, both from near and far.  they are the most endearing and loving.  fun, sincere and genuine.  i thank God for each one of them.  clearly our paths are intertwined, journeying along side by side, all for the glory of the One whom all good things come. 

as always, the evening was great and fun.  many thanks!

the girls each had this – grilled pork chops over rice

i ordered the same only in a smaller portion…and

a couple of spring rolls 🙂

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2 Responses to nice treat

  1. bebs1 says:

    You mean this is better than where you normally order the spring roll I am crazy about?

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