november went by so fast for me.  some of the things that have transpired are still a blur like that one foggy morning several days ago.  the first few days were insanely busy at work where i plugged away as much as I could in just three days surprising myself of the load i thought impossible to do.  then i had a day to pack and thank heavens for the eight-hour flight from chicago to frankfurt to catch my breath, clear my mind and prepare to what lays ahead – a 12-day eastern europe pilgrimage beginning in warsaw. 

but nothing could have really prepared me for the many wonderful and awesome places we visited. i was in awe at every encounter, mesmerized at the opulence and history of churches and palaces and captivated by the charm of every town and city we tread. i am humbled and deeply gratified. i give glory to God.  i took a lot of pictures to share with the people i tucked in my heart during the pilgrimage.  each picture has a beautiful story. 

i came back the week of thanksgiving which was just a perfect time. jun and i are grateful to family and friends who have come and celebrate thanksgiving with us.  their presence is truly a gift from God.  they brought a lot of food, laughter and good time. it was a wonderful occasion to be together, be merry and thankful for one another.  i praise and thank God.  He is infinitely good and His blessings abound.  

egg harbor cafe in wheaton. jun took me here for breakfast the morning after i arrived 🙂

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2 Responses to grateful

  1. bebs1 says:

    Oh my gosh Thanksgiving was so busy at your house that we didn’t even get to see your pictures!

  2. wsalg818 says:

    I myself totally forgot to share the pictures. even Fr S has a lot in his camera. we were just having a lot of fun. Thanks for coming, B!

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