lola, it’s a secret

in school, our precious one is learning more about Christmas. they do small nativity projects and i believe he is now of age to actually feel the spirit of the season. of late, his favorite bedtime reads are interactive stories of the nativity, Joseph and some bible heroes like Jonah and Ester, all available free in ipad.

TJ asked me to hang a Christmas stocking he picked for himself. and because it is only one, I placed it in the center of the chest by the Christmas tree. i think it is cute and his eyes light up every time he looks at it.

we were both by the tree when we had a small talk. here’s what went on:

lola: TJ, what do you wish to have in your Christmas stocking?
TJ: my Christmas wish, lola?
lola: yes. what is your Christmas wish
TJ: it’s a secret
lola: secret? you know you can trust lola with your secret. now tell lola you Christmas wish
TJ: no lola, i only told God my Christmas wish

unyielding, our little big guy never divulged his Christmas wish. it remains a secret.

photo (6)

photo (5)

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One Response to lola, it’s a secret

  1. bebs1 says:

    Now you’ve got to guess what he wants most for Christmas or he’ll think God didn’t answer his prayer. LOL

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