go light on new year’s eve

the year 2012 is ending in a couple of days and now we’re on a countdown to a new year. the Romans invited us to join them and their pbl friends for the eve but we opted to welcome the new year at home instead along with a couple of family and friends. and because Ajay is again working the 3-11 shift, we want to be around when he gets home from work to greet the new year.

there was an abundance of food during christmas. since thanksgiving, our calendar was booked with parties and gatherings. and in between were the simbang gabi masses and misa de gallos with all the kakanins in the early morning. tomorrow is our pilgrims reunion which i’m sure of a huge spread as everyone is bringing a favorite dish.

so we will go light on new year’s eve. hubby will fire up one special dish to complement the ham (honey-baked), cheeses (sharp cheddar for sure and blue my favorite), crackers and bread, fresh fruits and dips. we will have just a couple of sweets plus of course, red wine and champagne. and on new year’s day, Beto will sample us with his puto while hubby’s dinuguan awaits.

bounteous blessings for 2013!

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