cheers to life


sunday was Lou’s birthday. we were set for lunch at a thai restaurant near Viv’s house but it wasn’t opening ‘til 4 pm. so we went to chinatown instead at triple crown, a favorite. triple crown did not disappoint. our dear birthday girl was happy and so were we.

B, as i fondly call her, is a daughter every parent wishes to have. her devotion and self-giving is truly admirable and an inspiration to many. she is an ultimate sister and friend – faithful and true. once you have her as a friend, she is yours forever. she’s always been there for us – a babysitter to our son, godmother to our daughter at her wedding and now, a loving lola to TJ. i thank God for the gift of B.

B is an expert traveler who loves food and passionate about photography. now that her weekends are free, am looking forward to more trips, photo shoots and dining with her. happy birthday again, B! cheers to life – good health, happiness and prosperity.


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