shabu shabu


we joined friends at a post-holiday gathering hosted by the Espinoza’s, a beautiful young family who actively participated at the pamana at awit event last fall. Prescy texted to bring TJ so he could play with her three young children. the kids have met during pamana and TJ played with them at home when their dad Chris, set up our entertainment center. and what a great connection to discover that the couple’s origin is the same province as mine.

the party was purely a get together – intimate, relaxed and casual. it was such a lovely and happy occasion – all centered around food. we had shabu shabu with all the trimmings i call it fondue glorified. the pictures below show how Prescy and Odette did a beautiful spread.

thank you to Prescy and Chris for a wonderful evening. TJ had a blast, so did hubby and I!

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One Response to shabu shabu

  1. bebs1 says:

    I’ve only had shabu twice, it is a different experience. You have a wide variety of choices here.

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