regal at 79

beautiful inside and out

beautiful inside and out

with family

for those who have known her quite long say that she is as regal at 79 as she was at 50. i believe it to be true.

i’ve heard so many wonderful things about Mommy Puring. i also know her younger daughter but we haven’t been formally introduced. at best, we exchange smiles whenever we see each other mostly at st. isidore’s. i always admire how she carries herself – elegant and graceful.

then in the fall of 2009, we became roommates during a Holy Land pilgrimage. only then i got to know her up close and personal. and of late, we were at another pilgrimage this time in eastern Europe. she was joined by her eldest daughter and son-in-law with whom I’ve flourished a beautiful friendship as well.

my admiration for Mommy Puring heightened even more. she is truly a beautiful woman inside and out. for to know her is to witness a woman of substance whose life is very much celebrated with untiring devotion to family and an unwavering love for God. she lives an unshakable faith manifested both in her spirit and in her deeds.

last week, the highly respected and well-loved Mommy Puring turned 79. she celebrated her gift of life with people dear to her heart.

with family and fr. sunny

with family and friends

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2 Responses to regal at 79

  1. bebs1 says:

    One can only wish to grow old as gracefully as she does.

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