let it snow

we’re now into the depths of winter and we’ve been blessed thus far. mornings sometimes are bone chilling with temperature dipping into the teens but really no major storm or snow. thank God we’ve been spared by some of the nastiest bouts mother nature can throw. i hope and pray that this winter, as in recent past, will continue to be mild and kind.

i’ve lived in chicago long enough to have experienced firsthand the harshness of winter. for the working class like me that brave the elements every weekday knows too well how painful the frigid wind bites and the throbbing of frozen toes while plodding through streets of ice, sleet and snow. but such is life in my corner of the world. overall it is a beautiful place to live in. besides, for every winter the glory of spring comes not too far behind, year after year.

it’s been dry so far and farmers are craving for some snow to give moisture and recharge parched farmlands. while i’m grateful of no major weather blows, I do miss the snow. I miss the winter wonderland – a snowfall that is magical and the sight of a landscape blanketed with fresh snow that is glorious and divine.

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2 Responses to let it snow

  1. bebs1 says:

    Maybe I could settle for one major snow, on a weekend or make that Friday night so I could take pictures the next day. LOL

  2. LolaWi says:

    you have quite an awesome collection of snow pictures! i remember seeing them at multiply. one favorite is your postcard-like barn 🙂

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