get together

J and i were in chicago with our young friends for a get-together hosted by Father T. we missed several friends as B felt ill and RD was on duty. RA had work in the seminary.

Father T was assigned pastor at St. Thomas of Canterbury, a small church in uptown chicago last summer. he gave us a tour of his beautiful church where we had some moments of prayers, too. the church (plus school pre-K to 8th) and the rectory are interconnected. the parish offices and main hall are on the first floor. a beautiful spiral marble staircase leads to the second floor where he lives.

the rectory is very charming. it is a confluence of the old and new – wood floors, vintage furniture and antique fixtures with up-to-date amenities in the kitchen and bathroom to suit modern day living. it is cozy and very welcoming. there are a lot photographs of family and friends prominently displayed in the living room and in his office reflecting Father’s loving and kind-hearted character. his siblings were also visiting so we got to meet his beautiful family.


we also celebrated C’s birthday albeit belatedly. she celebrated her actual birth day in the philippines with hubby R. Father N and E came too. after dinner, we all braved the cold for the blessing of the priests’ new vehicles. it was a wonderful evening – lots of food, lots of laughter, lots of stories. everyone is well.

happy birthday!

happy birthday!

Fr T and C lost weight and both look very good!

Fr T and C lost weight and both look very good!

thank you to our gracious host and to all for a blessed and fun-filled evening.

happy bunch

happy bunch

don't get photographed when your mouth is full LOL

don’t get photographed when your mouth is full LOL

with the birthday celebrant

with the birthday celebrant

food, food, food 🙂

thanks for several pictures sent by A.

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2 Responses to get together

  1. bebs1 says:

    Sorry I missed it. I still have a cold and it is starting to really really annoy me. I have been drinking a lot of ginger tea.

  2. LolaWi says:

    hope you’re better now. saw my doctor the other day about an itchy throat and cough that won’t go away. it is allergy.

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