here are pictures i took at mallard lake in the fall of 2011. i blogged it in my multiply site then in which i wrote:

…it was a gorgeous late afternoon the sun slowly setting. but i was drawn more on how it paints the sky and the lake as the sun magically rests into the horizon, unhurried and graceful. the rays filtering through the clouds render soft palette of colors. it is serenely beautiful, charming and picturesque. jun and i soaked in the splendor of nature, happy and grateful…

i am in awe as i look at these photographs again and i thought i’d post them too here in my new site. i am mesmerized. i cannot seem to articulate the emotions they evoke. not for the dearth of words but they’re simply too picture perfect to describe. all i can say is thank you and praise be to God!



tranquil, unruffled

tranquil, unruffled



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