thank you, Pope Benedict XVI

i am moved with sadness as i watch news clips of Pope Benedict XVI’s departure from Vatican City for the last time as Bishop of Rome. church bells rang and a throng of well-wishers cheered as the helicopter carrying him to Castel Gandolfo took off. what a poignant moment.

as i have been watching his final days as pope, i see a frail pontiff caught up with age and failing health. too fragile and delicate yet exuding love and peace. i believe that his service and faithfulness to his papacy is not reduced by his resignation. i admire his humility and self-sacrifice for the beneficial good of the catholic church and its citizens.

i wish him well both in thoughts and in prayers. i find joy and comfort that his legacy will live on. he will continue to serve the church through his prayers.

Jun and i and our friends are blessed to have attended his Holy Mass at St. Peter’s basilica in January 1, 2011. these pictures i took are the closest and treasured moments we have with the pope.

thank you and God bless you always, Pope Benedict XVI!

pope benedict, st peter's basilica 1/1/2011 mass

pope benedict, st peter’s basilica 1/1/2011 mass

st. peter's basilica 1/1/2011

st. peter’s basilica 1/1/2011

jun and i after mass at st. peter's basilica

jun and i after mass at st. peter’s basilica 1/1/2011

with friends

with friends after mass at st. peter’s basilica 1/1/2011

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