short day at work

yesterday, a winter storm pounded chicagoland. i heard that some areas had up to ten inches of snow. we had six inches in our town.

our little big guy braved the elements and went to school. surprisingly st. isidore was open when most schools in our district shut down.

our offices closed at three p.m. allowing employees’ commute an early start. thank God for no train delays and i didn’t have to drive. dear hubby drives me to the train depot each morning and picks me up at night. it was still snowing when i got off to my stop. it was a pretty sight but the drive was not so fun. most streets have been plowed but there were still a lot of snow on the ground.

this morning, we had an early start so i could take some photographs. it was divine!

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2 Responses to short day at work

  1. bebs1 says:

    That heavy snow looks wonderful on the trees. Most of us worked from home yesterday, good thing my co-workers convinced me to take home my computer.

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