laguna beach

taken after dinner at las brisas

taken after dinner at las brisas

laguna beach is a favorite. it is a quaint town that boasts chic restaurants, unique shops and galleries besides that it is an artist haven with a relaxed atmosphere. but its crown is its coastlines. laguna beach is home to some of the most beautiful beaches.

P & M live just a short drive to laguna. when we are in town, we take P to work in the morning and before we head home, a short drive east brings us to heisler park along PCH1, a scenic coast highway.

it is always been nippy at this time of the year, but the pacific ocean beckons. its sparkling blue waters draw us to a halt and experience the most calming and soothing feel. dotting the coastline are beautiful flowers pampering our senses.

lola and TJ

lola and TJ

we had dinner at las brisas, also in laguna beach. good food and a magnificent view of the ocean.

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2 Responses to laguna beach

  1. bebs1 says:

    I miss the flowers, this time of year they should be coming up soon. I love California, I wish I had a chance to live there earlier.

  2. LolaWi says:

    you have family there so come and visit often. i’m starting to look forward to retirement 🙂

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