our magnolia tree is abloom. a streak of sunshine induced the buds to open. for a few days, this proud tree is laden with sweet scented velvety flowers. but came the rain, lots of rain, and strong winds forcing its flowers even more short-lived. the white petals are now beginning to fall off the tree.

spring has been in the extremes of late. so fickle. some days are simply gorgeous, sunshine and blue skies, mild and balmy. then there are days that are just the opposite, dreary and bleak dipping into frosty temperatures.


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2 Responses to short-lived

  1. bebs1 says:

    The flowers in my part of town has not bloomed yet.

  2. LolaWi says:

    they’re really pretty but they come and go so fast. glad i was able to take some snapshots. crummy weather, keep warm and dry.

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