it is spring!

clocks sprung forward and every day we enjoy more daylight. after few cold spells came the rain. then sunshine and then more rain. temperature is on the rise. we had some gorgeous weather of late. moving ahead is a little nippy but should warm up again after the weekend. it is as expected at this time of the year.

those that have gone asleep and buried deep in the ground are slowly back. the earth once again is coming to life. the birds tweeting, raccoons and squirrels up and about. and so are allergies are acting up – sniffles, itchy eyes and sneezing. but there’s no room for whines and moans. it is spring! a rebirth. a beginning!

our magnolia blooms have come and gone. but there’s the rebirth of peonies and the irises sprouting from the ground. the hostas and lilies are coming back, beginning anew. and so are the yarrows and hydrangeas. both clematises are nicely climbing up.

dear hubby took all our indoor plants outside. the poinsettia is on fire and the dama de noche is all abloom giving off a strong scent in the night. and the crabapple tree is ready to burst in glory at any time.

it is spring! live life!

red bush

red bush

fresh hostas

fresh hostas



dama de noche

dama de noche

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One Response to it is spring!

  1. bebs1 says:

    Now am jealous of your garden.

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