glorious blooms gone

we enjoyed a week of glorious blooms from our spring snow crabapple tree. we also enjoyed a week of light, pleasant fragrance that filled the air. now, the crabapple tree has abandoned its blossoms. the petals breaking away, swaying with the breeze as they fall in slow motion forming a snow-like carpet on the ground. a beautiful sight fascinating to our precious one. ‘it’s like snow, lola’ he cried as he tiptoed on the patio, almost afraid to step on the white petals.

it tugs the heart a little to witness the petals falling, i wish they bloom longer. but in order for the tree to be fruitful, it must also fulfill its cycle. and that is the beauty of the season. as the worms feast on the fallen petals, soon the birds will be chattering and gorge themselves on the crabapples. meanwhile, we will, with grateful hearts, enjoy the shade it will provide all summer long.

flowers almost gone

flowers no more

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