travel light

a repost

more and more so now, i purge the heart keeping only what is happy and beautiful. ridding of woes stubbornly tucked in the recesses of the heart. not easy sometimes but age and wisdom dictate that there is more in this life. love, joy, kindness, meaning and purpose abound. i surround myself with wonderful people. people that truly count. things that truly matter. i go places where i can love and be loved, inspire and be inspired, pray, learn and laugh. yes, laugh a lot. and when things go the other way around, i just have to remind myself that someone great is in control. i just have to let go and trust.

same is true with all the material madness accumulated over time. i can’t seem to stop cleaning up – giving away, selling or simply throwing stuff. the goal is to live happily with the essentials, the beautiful and the important.

life is a journey. it is judicious to travel light.

daisies at mallard lake

daisies at mallard lake

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