for the longest time, i have been nursing an itchy throat and cough. an allergy i cannot simply shake off. it comes on and off, stubborn like a mule. it acts up as soon as the season changes and the erratic weather of late is not helping at all.

i’m averse to allergy pills so i’m into home remedies. some work, others don’t. fresh lemon and honey, lots of honey, with warm water work best for me. the vicks rub and steam and a lot of water do wonders as well.

this put me to a halt last weekend trying to keep allergy bouts at bay. i stayed mostly at home catching up on light reads and overdue phone calls. good measure of quiet, prayerful moments and lots of sleep that boosted both the spirit and the body.

freshly cut peonies. fragrant, gorgeous blooms!

gorgeous and fragrant

peony close up

peony close up



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