pilgrims summer picnic

i believe a pilgrimage creates within a deeper connection than in a group tour. not just for the sights, food and altogether experience in places you visit, but by coming together in faith to journey as one. journeying as one to celebrate the holy Eucharist, to pray, and to relish the beauty and significance of the many sites and places in the likeness of holy men and women that have come before us. and this likeness is what i believe a pilgrimage is all about. a likeness of one in faith. as such, it is so easy to walk away from each encounter with a profound gratitude for simply being a pilgrim, an incredible gift!

last weekend was the pilgrims summer picnic at cantigny park in wheaton. as always food was aplenty. caloy and mita brought the most delectable silver bass sweet and sour dish, fresh from a fishing outing in moline! it was a perfect picnic weather, no scourging heat. a little overcast but very comfortable with occasional breeze. there was so much laughter, reminiscing the many awesome experiences during various pilgrimages. some enjoyed a stroll at the park, others simply took the opportunity to catch up with each other.

it was good and wonderful to meet again, chatting away the afternoon overflowing with affection and fondness. we missed those who had prior commitments including our pilgrimage host, father sunny, who had a class reunion booked early on. most of us are repeat pilgrims having been in two or more pilgrimages way back in 2006. several are joining again another pilgrimage in the fall.

many thanks to marta for bringing us together. it was a wonderful, happy reunion of pilgrims coming together as one for a summer picnic.

pilgrims sans leoda and lauren

pilgrims sans leoda and lauren

thank you, marta! picnc coordinator

thank you, marta! picnic coordinator

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4 Responses to pilgrims summer picnic

  1. bebs1 says:

    You picked a beautiful place for your picnic. I like Cantigny!

  2. lolawi says:

    marta picked cantigny. and it was a lovely day, too.

  3. Debbie Darrow says:

    Thank you Marta and Wilma. We miss everyone.
    Debbie & Alan

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