noa’s birthday

june brought hubby and i with our precious one to the dizon’s in geneva for noa’s birthday. noa is the grandson of our dear friends lynda and ben who flew in from las vegas for the occasion. evelyn, too, brought her grandson caleb who hit it off with tj right away. it was fun looking at the two as if they are long time buddies.

the weather was simply gorgeous allowing the kids great outdoor treats. the kids, quite a number of them, had the whole afternoon of a blast. playing nonstop and running around at the dizon’s lovely backyard right off a golf course.

ben and lynda took a short break and will fly back to las vegas with their three grandchildren for the summer. rene and rose are back so there was a lot of catching up from their month long vacation. they shared pictures of their newly bought home in the philippines as retirement affords them to travel back and forth.

as always, this small intimate get-together brings so much pleasure and joy. it is precious.

jun and ben were busy somewhere as they are noticeably missing in the pictures.

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4 Responses to noa’s birthday

  1. bebs1 says:

    Gorgeous grandmas!

  2. lolaWi says:

    Thanks B! Oo nga, we are all lolas 🙂

  3. Father Sunny says:

    in fairness, beauty nga talaga ang mga grannies. 🙂

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