intimate and sweet

it had been a while since we last visited the shrine of st. therese. so taking advantage of the july 4th long weekend, we joined our dear friend ervin for an afternoon visit. we took along mother and son for their first trip which is a 40-minute drive from where we live.

given the holiday when most people are probably out of town, we had the shrine almost all to ourselves expect for a gentleman who, like us, came to visit, reflect and pray. the shrine offers an impressive collection of the saint’s relics and memorabilia, it is so easy to feel her presence once there.

st. therese, also known as the little flower, is one of the greatest saints in modern times and is a favorite saint of many. because of her simple and down-to-earth approach to spiritual life, people easily make a connection with her. we took time looking and praying both in the museum and in the chapel.

the visit, albeit short, was intimate and sweet.

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5 Responses to intimate and sweet

  1. Father Sunny says:

    Tita Wii, I got the chance to look at your blog today…
    your pictures are so beautiful, and your blog has a quiet romanticism about it.
    Thanks for sharing your gifts!!!

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