noah’s ark

it was just a perfect day! sunny and warm but not scorching.

after a hearty breakfast, we all rallied to noah’s ark, america’s biggest waterpark. it is in the heart of wisconsin dells twenty minutes from our rental. it boasts exciting rides, awesome slides and attractions for the entire family.

noah’s ark have gone big and wide, far cry from when jun and i first brought pia and ajay here when they were kids. ajay has some vivid memories of his adventure of the past and took tj along with mike and niko in some of the rides. such a trooper, adventurous and bold at times, our precious one as always had a blast.

the young adults were all over trying out all rides and attractions. lolo and i took the little ones at the kiddie water playground to their hearts’ content. we took a bold dip at the park’s biggest pool, the wave, where we were tossed, whirled and spun. it was so much fun.

mushroom waterfall, his favorite

mushroom waterfalls, a favorite

at the wave

tj with moi in the wave

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4 Responses to noah’s ark

  1. bebs1 says:

    Am sure TJ will remember those moments.

  2. lolawi says:

    i hope so. thank God for photographs!

  3. Father Sunny says:

    TJ is so blessed. And he’s a great boy!

  4. vivien says:

    That was great fun, refreshing and exhilarating!!!

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