weekend getaway

ajay took the family for a weekend getaway in portage, wisconsin a little more than two hours drive away. he also invited friends, a nice gesture to celebrate tj’s birthday.

it was a nice break from the suburbia routine. we stayed in a cozy home that charmingly sits in private acres of managed wilderness surrounded by lush and greens. it features hiking trails and a pond with canoes and kayak that lured the interest of our young guests including the birthday boy and his friend, niko. they also had the thrill of a zip line over the pond.

we had an outing at a waterpark in the dells where the young adults had their share of excitement, bouncing from one colossal ride to the next. lolo and i stayed mostly with tj and niko taking pleasure in the kids waterslides. i’ll have a separate post of pictures at noah’s ark.

we brought provisions, mostly pre-cooked and everyone enjoyed especially the well marinated thrown on the grill. but most of all, the company of ajay and his homies’ non-stop laughter and good clean fun more than made up this getaway memorable and fun. there were mosquitoes but managed to enjoy the outdoors with repellents, natural and electronic device. we all had a great time.

our precious one had a blast. fond memories of his experiences in both the wilderness and waterpark i hope are created in his young mind. we missed pia and marvin but there’s always a next time.

thank you son!



group photo sans john, the photographer

group photo sans john, the photographer

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2 Responses to weekend getaway

  1. bebs1 says:

    Looks like a great time!

  2. lolawi says:

    the place was awesome. remotely nestled in the woods yet offers a lot of activities.

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