a dream come true

viv, moi, kristine, lou, melinda

at pecking order: viv, moi, chef kristine, lou, melinda

it is exciting to go and try a new restaurant with good reviews more so when the chef and owners are people you know. we were, for the first time, at pecking order to celebrate viv’s birthday. the owners are longtime friends, melinda and her daughter kristine subido. back in the day, before we moved to the suburbs, most of our weekends were centered around food, almost always at the kitchen of the subido’s.

kristine, a veteran of the chicago food scene, is one of the city’s top chefs. before pecking order, she was for more than a decade the executive chef of wave in w-lakeshore, a four-star hotel in downtown chicago. for mother and daughter, pecking order is no ordinary partnership. it is a deep-seated family affair, a dream come true.

you can check pecking order online at http://www.peckingorderchicago.com and for lou’s blog here.

viv, moi, melinda, lou

viv, moi, melinda, lou

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6 Responses to a dream come true

  1. bebs1 says:

    That was great food and a wonderful reunion with Melinda and Kristine.

    • lolaWi says:

      i agree. pecking order sets a mark for pinoy in the chicago food community.
      i’ll be seeing jaz and cynthia next week. i’ll try to set a reunion with everybody. 🙂

  2. vivien says:

    It was a fun, memorable bday celebration and a wonderful reunion with Kristine and Melinda. The mother/daughter enterprise of Pecking Order was a huge success ongoing. The menu which is more chicken focused were very delicious, tasty and a good turnaround of the traditional pinoy cooking. Pinoy fusion at its BEST!!! The house desert, Coffee Plan is decadent…and to die for!!
    More power to Kristine and Melinda!!!

  3. Father Sunny says:

    wow… parang homecooking in the rest… toppings style!
    masubukan nga yan some time soon.

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