fly, fly up high

after a delightful lunch and a wonderful visit with longtime friends at pecking order, lou suggested botanic garden for summer colors and scents and of course, the kite festival. we came very late. but luck was with us. we were able to see and enjoy the last demonstration of sport kite ballet set on music by the chicago fire kite team. shortly thereafter was the most fun part. it was the spectators’ turn to fly their own kites.

there was a mad dash into the open grounds and a display of colorful and interesting kites ready to launch. hubby and grandson were so excited and for the first time, our precious one ran around flying his own kite. it was surreal for our little big guy. his kite soared up high and he had a great time.

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4 Responses to fly, fly up high

  1. bebs1 says:

    Good thing you were able to take great photos. It seemed like Jun had more fun than TJ. LOL

  2. vivien says:

    the kites are all beautiful and colorful. Would have been nicer if there was a good wind…but some of them managed to stay up there, Jun’s and TJ’s kite soared!!! It was a fun time.

  3. lolaWi says:

    It sure was fun. We should go again next year.

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