a little piece of heaven

i love flowers! like sunsets, i cannot get enough of them. i can totally immerse myself in a sea of flowers and celebrate the glory of nature.

after the kite festival at the botanic garden i did just that – immersed myself in the most breathtaking gardens blown away by the beauty of each bloom. one simply cannot ignore a flower. a masterpiece silently waiting to be looked at, admired and even photographed. i was in awe at each encounter beholding the glory of God.

botanic garden is chicago’s pride rendering the most enchanting gardens, lakes, prairie and magnificent trees. it is a place to experience an intimate sense of the serenity and beauty of nature. it is a little piece of heaven for to be in the midst of this paradise is gloriously intoxicating!

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3 Responses to a little piece of heaven

  1. vivien says:

    OMG! beautiful pictures…Mother Nature beautiful canvass….Simply breathtaking.

  2. lolaWi says:

    The botanic garden is continuously evolving. I agree – it’s simply breathtaking!

  3. bebs1 says:

    Oh I missed this one. Beautiful flower pictures. You take amazing photos!

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