building memories

jonamac orchard is picking apples and so much more. there’s a barnyard activity area that offers a ton for kids. after lunch, lou and cat tested their personal gps in the corn maze while jun and viv chatted the afternoon away. meanwhile, tj and i were at the barnyard building memories.

watching our precious one so animated, excited and having so much fun is just pure delight. tj’s favorite was the giant hay bale pile is a fortress with walls and secret passages. i spent my energy running after him. i followed him all over the place! his energy was oozing, bouncing from one activity to the next i could hardly keep up. in no time i was sapped. thank goodness for the hour drive home. it was a chance to recharge.

capping the first day of fall was a short, leisurely walk at mallard lake. we were cheerful and gratified. praise and thanks be to God!

first day of fall at mallard

first day of fall at mallard

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4 Responses to building memories

  1. bebs1 says:

    It was a full day and hopefully everyone had fun! The smile on TJ made up for the slim apple picking.

  2. fathersunny says:

    Happy birthday today, and cheers to many more beautiful pictures, and memories!!!

    • lolaWi says:

      Thank you Father! and what a wonderful journey of all things beautiful…pictures, words, memories, laughters, hugs, prayers, songs, flowers. thank you for always being there and many more. God is good!!!

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