family day 2013

jun and i joined our friends at mundelein seminary for family day. please visit lou’s blog here for more on this event.

family day at the seminary is always fun. it is an annual event for the school to welcome and thank family and friends of the seminarians. we started the day with a thanksgiving mass by fr. robert barron, the rector, con-celebrated by priests faculty and staff. fr barron is the founder of word on fire and author of catholicism and many more.

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6 Responses to family day 2013

  1. eyekensee says:

    ..always looking forward to having family day

  2. lolaWi says:

    oh yes! and with friends that have become families. 🙂

  3. bebs1 says:

    Thanks for letting us join you and Jun again this year. I really enjoy their company. Thanks for the link also.

  4. Vivien says:

    I am so glad I came, thanks for the invite, it was great fun walking around the seminary grounds, the boat trip is so relaxing, and so nice meeting Beto, Irvine, and Matthew, Lunch was awesome!! Hope to come again next summer…

  5. lolaWi says:

    you’re welcome, Viv! we should all go back there sometime soon. 🙂

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