thank you, world

…truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me… Matthew 25:40

*photo swiped from fb

my dear country, the philippines, was ravaged by one of the most horrific natural calamities ever recorded. the devastation is epic in proportions but the outpouring of help, support, prayers and love from all over the world is far greater. extraordinary and unparalleled. we, the filipino people, will forever be grateful.

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4 Responses to thank you, world

  1. ventisqueras says:

    è stato davvero tragico e terrificante vedere in TV le immigini di una tragedia tanto grande! certo non si può restare insensibili, e credo che ognuno di noi, nelle proprie disponibilità cercherà di aiutare questi nostri sfortunati fratelli
    che Dio gli dia la forza di superare questo momento di morte e devastazione

    It was really tragic and terrifying to see on TV the immigini of a tragedy so great! of course one cannot remain insensitive, and I think each of us, in its availability will help our unfortunate brothers
    that God gives him the strength to overcome this moment of death and devastation

    • lolaWi says:

      it cannot get worst than this Ventis so there’s no way but up. the entire world is reaching out and that is the most beautiful thing. together, we will overcome. thank you so much for your kind words. i am deeply touched.

  2. ImeldaImelda says:

    I should have a post like this. One of these days I’ll borrow one of the many thank you photos in FB for the purpose.

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