travel theme: symbol

for the week, ailsa’s travel theme is symbol.

here is my entry: holy reminders

in our home, religious articles are thoughtfully displayed. mostly given by family and friends, some bought from our travels; all rich in symbolism. there’s also a couple of family heirlooms passed down from generations, one is a wood-carved “santo niño,” a favorite. for those who have come into our home, they visibly notice that indeed these holy reminders have become accents even highlights in our home décor. although not planned, somehow it evolved to be that way. what they represent are part of us and we’re happy to display.

i love our holy reminders. they are symbols of our faith and representations of our spirituality. they remind us of the ONE greater than all. the ONE whose love is constant, generous, and mercy inexhaustible.

here’s a framed image of our lady of guadalupe given by father rey.

our lady of guadalupe

our lady of guadalupe

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2 Responses to travel theme: symbol

  1. Vivien says:

    Simply beautiful….

  2. lolaWi says:

    it is a beautiful image. fr rey got this from his trip to guadalupe 🙂

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