twelve days before christmas

it is unseasonably cold in my little corner of the world but there’s warmth in the glitter and dazzle of the season. the halls are decked, gifts beautifully wrapped are piled under the tree and the fine tune of christmas carols echo through the walls. with our precious one, christmas is magical. he is joyful and expectant of “goodies” from santa, sometimes mindfully putting up his best because “santa is watching” but otherwise, he is the usual chatter box, full of cheers and playful.

each night, after he is tucked in bed, i sit by the tree in quietude, praising and thanking God. and savoring every word and prayer printed in my little blue book, a daily six-minute reflections on the scriptures during advent and christmas seasons. it is an opportunity to reflect, ponder and pray. and also to purge the heart making room for the important and meaningful.

it is twelve days before christmas and much like our precious one, i am joyful. joyful for the spirit of christmas, always grateful and humbled by its true meaning and hopeful for all that it brings to us.

may the advent and christmas seasons bring you peace and joy!

photo: pia’s christmas tree

pia's christmas tree

pia’s christmas tree

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2 Responses to twelve days before christmas

  1. Vivien says:

    Love, love Pia’s Christmas tree, magnificently festive…

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