travel theme: gardens

ailsa’s travel theme this week is gardens.

i love gardens. they’re a fountain of love, beauty, peace and joy. i’m always happy and grateful when in the garden, my spirit at awe of God’s creation. dear hubby and i do have our little share of gardening, something we both look forward to when life begins anew in the spring.

here’s my entry, a picture i took of the bahai gardens in haifa, israel

baha'i gardens, haifa, israel - nov 2009

baha’i gardens, haifa, israel – nov 2009

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11 Responses to travel theme: gardens

  1. Vivien says:

    Is this related to the Bahai Temple(s)? The garden is magnificent!! I can’t wait too for our perennials of roses, lavender, butterfly bush to come to life in Spring!!!!

  2. Heyjude says:

    Oh goodness, those look like some steep terraces – they go a long way down!

  3. aishasoasis says:

    I’ve always heard that Haifa is beautiful, and your photo is lovely proof!

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