do you have time to smell the roses? i do! though this time, the peonies!

i took pictures of our budding peonies. shortly thereafter they came in full bloom. they burst into huge luscious ivory white clusters giving off lovely fragrance wafting into the house through the opened windows. i had a big smile on my face. it felt wonderful.

from the garden, these voluptous flowers found their way into several parts of the house for us to enjoy them even more.

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10 Responses to peonies

  1. Oh my! These are just perfectly lovely. 🙂

  2. lolaWi says:

    aren’t they gorgeous! and fragrant, too! thanks, Sylvia 🙂

  3. Vivien says:

    Lovely peonies, I also cut some of our pink ones, for some reason, I did not see the white ones come out…

  4. Imelda says:

    They are so beautiful. We have some peonies back home and I know they are in full bloom. However, I do not get to see them blooming because we are away right now. Thanks for sharing your photos. 🙂

  5. capri46 says:

    Beautiful! I had those in my garden before. Now I miss it more.

  6. Amy says:

    Queen of the flowers, Indeed! Beautiful garden you have!

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