images at mallard lake

bird at mallard lake

bird at mallard lake

it was a busy day at work so after i got home, we went to mallard to unwind. it was a gorgeous afternoon. the sun glimmered into the early evening and was very pleasant. i was a little too tired to walk so we just went for a short one then sat on the bench, soaked in the scenery, enjoyed the birds and took a few snapshots of people in the lake and passersby.

our little big guy had so much energy so we let him romp around within sight. he ran from tree to tree and played nonstop. watching him was pure delight. lolo and i wonder where he gets his energy as he never seem to tire.

we watched the lovely sunset and lingered until the pink skies kissed the horizon goodnight.



after sundown

after sundown

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8 Responses to images at mallard lake

  1. donna213 says:

    Looks like avery pretty lake area. Lots to do and wait for sunset.

  2. Such lovely images, Lola. The sunset is gorgeous. πŸ™‚

  3. Amy says:

    What a beautiful place to unwind! And, the last photo, WoW!!

  4. Vivien says:

    Love the first photo with the lone bird amidst the branches, the sunset and sundown pics are simply spectacular! Mallard Lake is the perfect place to unwind, rest your body, mind, your spirit!! Lovely pics Wil.

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