desert fun at the living desert

the desert has a lot to offer and we did quite a few things outside the resort.  memory building activities, educational tours, driving around the city including a gastronomical feast and “omotenoshi” japanese hospitality at the palm springs shabu shabu zen.

the living desert, a popular attraction in the area, is a lovely park to see exotic animals and desert plants.  gail, our guide was very pleasant and most patient explaining things especially to the very inquisitive little guy.

here you see TJ got a slice of carrot into Mr G’s foot-long tongue.  this was after many attempts and screaming each try.  what an experience for the little big guy!

TJ feeding Mr. G

TJ feeding Mr. G



tj and lola

tj and lola

he got me ride with him!  it was fun but what a bumpy ride 🙂

the living desert

the living desert


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25 Responses to desert fun at the living desert

  1. nowathome says:

    You made so many wonderful memories on your trip, Lola!

  2. Sue Slaght says:

    What an outing! Fantastic photos. I too have fed a giraffe and could not believe the strength of their tongues!

  3. Amy says:

    Love these photos of the living desert, especially the first one! Beautiful smiles of the last photo. 🙂

  4. bebs1 says:

    The animals look like they are in their natural habitat. Beautiful shots!

  5. Great memories, Lola. Love the pic of you and TJ on the camel. Yes it is a very bumpy ride indeed. 🙂

  6. Wonderful pictures of the living desert, it sounds like a fabulous attraction !

  7. Gorgious pics! I love giraffes! They have the most wonderfull eyelashes?!

  8. arlene says:

    Gorgeous pics. You surely had fun and that camel ride with TJ…priceless!

  9. phb2003 says:

    excellent shots -and you caught the giraffe’s tongue in action – wow –

  10. Girl Gone Expat says:

    Haha…what a tongue! Looks like a lot of fun feeding the giraffe:)

  11. Vivien says:

    so much fun, would like to try the camel was having a blast!

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