cee’s fun foto: numbers and letters

pride of portugal is the famous W&J Graham’s 1890 Lodge known for its Port wine.  we had a brief tour of this magnificent lodge, still a working cellar that houses oak casks and vats of ageing port wine.  part of the tour was wine tasting which i enjoyed very much.  the lodge is on the south bank of douro river in porto, one of the largest cities in portugal.

here is a bottle-aged port, my entry to Cee’s fun foto challenge:  numbers and letters

graham's winery, porto, portugal

graham’s winery, porto, portugal

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14 Responses to cee’s fun foto: numbers and letters

  1. Laura says:

    Great idea for the challenge!

  2. Cee Neuner says:

    It’s hard to believe anything 1983 is vintage. Guess that ages me 😀 Thanks for playing.

  3. Amy says:

    Very cool choice for the challenge, Lola! 🙂

  4. Sue Slaght says:

    We visited the Port institute when in Lisbon. Great take on the challenge!

  5. nowathome says:

    Great one for this challenge, Lola!

  6. lolaWi says:

    thank you so much, Aletta! 🙂

  7. restlessjo says:

    Oh dear! I could be very tempted 🙂

  8. Vivien says:

    Perfect for the challenge!!!

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