hello august

july whisked by so fast ending two thirds of summer.

now hello to august!

last sunday, mother nature came up with a nasty bout whipping the area with high winds and hail, some the size of golf balls, ripping through the entire neighborhood that caused damages to trees, roofs and power lines.  then followed by thunderous sheets of rain shaking and soaking the earth.  all of these happened within thirty minutes.

shortly thereafter came mr. sun unapologetically scorching, opening up to a clear, blue skies the rest of the day.

thank God we are fine. no injuries. no damages.  i pray for others who weren’t so lucky.

hail, august 2

hail, august 2

heavy rain, august 2

heavy rain, august 2

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26 Responses to hello august

  1. sweetpea2love says:

    August has been odd to in Northern Ontario, Canada. Last year August was cold for the most part and by mid-August the temps at night were freezing and I needed to bring my container tomato plant indoors. I’m hoping we don’t have a carbon copy of last August. So, sorry to see that heavy rain, but happy you’ve alright in your part of the world.

    Take care and have a wonderful August, from Laura

    • lolaWi says:

      Wishing you much warmer temperature than in past years, Laura! Have a wonderful August as well. Thank you 🙂

      • sweetpea2love says:

        lolaWi, thanking you kindly for your sweet comments, I too hope it’s not a replay of last August. But, my cherry tomatoes plants are about done with all of the scorching heat a few weeks ago then too much rain for a few weeks. I’ve managed to pick a ton of cherry tomatoes so far, I think it will fill 2 large zip-lock bags by the time they ripen. My lower garden (in ground) tomatoes are taking to the weather much better. So, in conclusion my containers for the cherry tomatoes were too small… and I put too much filler in the bottom so I couldn’t keep them watered properly. Hugs to ya for your comments.. take care from Laura

  2. That’s quite amazing and in August?

  3. Amy says:

    Wind, hails in August?! Glad to hear you are fine and no damage. 🙂

  4. nowathome says:

    Glad you are all okay!

  5. Laura says:

    That’s big hail, glad no one was hurt, happy August 🙂

  6. bebs1 says:

    Everyone talked about it but didn’t see it. Where was I?

  7. Cee Neuner says:

    I can most definitely live without the hail, but I will take some of that rain 😀
    Having lived in Colorado I know what that kind of hail is. Glad you are all OK.

  8. Vivien says:

    Wow, those were good size hails, yup that short thunderstorm came with a fury, lots of broken branches from the trees in our neighborhood! Thunder and lightning too, good for the grass though.

  9. arlene says:

    Oh, oh, what a 30 minute surprise for you. It’s the same here minus the hail of course. It rains like crazy (thunderstorms mostly) in the afternoon then the sun shines again and it gets hot all over again. Or it rains at night and you worry it’ll never stop.

    • lolaWi says:

      the heavy rain reminded me of home, Arlene! the lightning and thunder – shaking the earth. 🙂 are you expecting a lot of rain this August?

      • arlene says:

        We’re blessed typhoon Hannah will leave the country any time today. There are around 4 to 5 weather disturbances in a month during the rainy season. Hopefully, they won’t bring that much rain and destruction.

  10. Sue Slaght says:

    Looks like our yard these past two days. We have had terrible hail storms but no one injured other than the poor plants.

  11. agenda19892010 says:

    Happiness to you☺.

  12. hungrydai says:

    Nature’s extremes, Wilma. I love them

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