7-day nature: day 4 – sunset

“when I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

a glorious sunset, driven by clouds, paints the sky with the most gorgeous colors.

sunset at mallard lake…

mallard lake

mallard lake

thank you to Amy for inviting me to this challenge 🙂  Amy’s “THE WORLD IS A BOOK…” is a treasure of amazing photographs and interesting facts. she captures both the beauty and character of her subjects! i invite you to visit her remarkable site!

just a simple rule to post one picture of nature and nominate someone for 7 days. rather than asking one friend at a time, i’m inviting ALL my blogging friends to join if they can  🙂

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14 Responses to 7-day nature: day 4 – sunset

  1. Laura says:

    I love this sunset especially the clouds!

  2. restlessjo says:

    So lovely, LolaWi! Hope you are having a beautiful week 🙂

  3. Amy says:

    You captured the glorious sunset scene, Lola! Well done. 3 to go 🙂

  4. Sue Slaght says:

    A beautiful sunset Lola. Such a glorious display.

  5. A magnificent sunset, Lola. Beautifully captured by you. 🙂

  6. arlene says:

    Wonderful shot Wilma 🙂

  7. nowathome says:

    Stunning sunset!!

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