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dusk at mallard lake

happy Monday dear friends!

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if only they could talk…

there is so much beauty around us. but because we see them often, they’re taken for granted and they become invisible to us.  here are ox-eye daisies at mallard lake silently waiting to be admired. if only they could talk, … Continue reading

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in this oasis of quiet, before the wonderful spectacle of nature, one easily experiences how profitable silence is, a good that today is ever more rare…  ~ Pope Saint John Paul II dusk at mallard lake…    

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the season of advent

i have my advent blue book from church and it is my favorite companion of late. in quietude, i sit by the christmas tree savoring every word written as i reflect and pray. pondering on the beauty of life no … Continue reading

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a little sentimental

we just celebrated all souls day, a catholic feast day remembering and honoring our dearly departed. there is not a day that i don’t think of my own but i guess i’m being a little sentimental of late, thinking more and more … Continue reading

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even the gentlest wind stir up waves, causing the reflections to distort and be gone.  but the rays of the sun sparkle in the ripples, and the waves dance like shimmering diamonds. then there is calm. happy friday dear ones!

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two days in a row at mallard lake

i simply let the world go by this weekend reading, curling up in bed, listening to music and lots of naps in between.  guiltlessly abandoning the usual chores, even cancelling prior engagements.  i was pretty much cooped up except for … Continue reading

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