three B’s

another lovely stroll at mallard lake where we enjoyed the handiwork of the top pollinators, the three B’s – butterflies, bees and birds


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cee’s flower of the day

from the garden…

7 august 2017 – daisy

015 (2)

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after our visit with the dominican sisters, we went for a side trip to galena, just 12 miles from the sinsinawa mound. this charming little town of rolling hills and scenic roads overlooking the galena river is a popular midwest destination.  inspired by nature, galena has a lot to offer all year round including outdoor recreations and activities set in its natural landscape and scenic valleys.  galena is a host to many special events and festivities, entertainment and nightlife making it one of the best weekend getaways in illinois.

galena is just a three-hour drive from home.  we have been here several times in the past.  this time, we just walked its historic main street, enjoyed little boutiques and novelty stores and ended our sweet and short visit with a refreshing gelato treat.


coca-cola memorabilia adorn the walls of an ice cream parlor…



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evening walks

i love our walks at mallard lake.  most days, we trace the more common trail contouring the lake.  once in a while though, hubby and i venture deeper into the woods where we are entertained by the summer song of cicadas and the cheerful twitters of birds rustling through the trees.

the birds are delightful. i enjoy listening to their evening calls and watching them dash from tree to tree, occasionally capturing a decent photo if i get lucky.


sparrow092032 (2).JPG

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cee’s flower of the day

from the garden…

1 august 2017 – daylily


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holy bread

the nuns in sinsinawa are famous for their bread, rolls and fruitcake.  cinnamon roll is my favorite.

the bakery is in the sinsinawa mound, a complex located in southwest rural wisconsin amid lush woodlands, orchards, vineyards and fields.  it is the motherhouse of Dominican sisters, a religious congregation dedicated to preaching and teaching the gospel here and abroad.  they also offer retreats, reflections and programs for spiritual enrichment.

hubby and i joined our friends for a holy mass with the sisters, lunch at the mound picnic grounds then made a side trip to nearby galena, a popular midwest destination.

aerial view of the sinsinawa mound swiped from the web


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best friends

they’ve been together since they were babies and friends since they can remember…


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